Fang Face

If you're a teenager, I'm afraid of you.

... well, not really ...

I'm just afraid that I'm too much like you. 

I like to read fun stuff, I eat too much ice cream, stay up too late, procrastinate, say the wrong things ... and, well ... act quite a bit younger than my age.

So it wasn't really a stretch for me to write a Young Adult book.  I just had to go back to my roots. 

You might want to know how it came about that I got into Young Adult after having two other books published.  I was at an author fair once, and a librarian came up to me and said that they were having trouble keeping my books on the shelves... yeah, they're slippery ... just kidding ...

...anyway, I said, "Cool."

Then she said, "Teenagers.  They love 'em."


This was exciting news, because when a teen likes a book, they tell everyone.  So I decided to write a vampire/humor book for teens.

I hope you try out Fang Face!

Fangs ... er, fanks  ...   I mean  ...  thanks

Norm Cowie

There's more here if you're really interested.